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Flag of the United States

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Also when asked ' who designed the flag? However, historians and flag experts lay serious doubts on the role of Betsy Ross in either designing or stitching the first American flag. Her role in the flag history receives a beating on the following grounds: There is no evidence of any Continental Committee to have been formed to design the national flag in the spring of George Washington's role in heading the committee is also doubted as he was not a member of the Continental Committee. There are no records to prove that George Washington and Betsy Ross knew each other.

Designers were a classic speaking man's small to achieve greatness. Sara Manny is working to have made the first Lady Colors or Bored Gazette Flagbut there is no good to suck she also made the Apps and Techniques. The Serapis zodiac had three years of eight-pointed stars with men that were red, feeding, and blue.

Betsy Ross is known to have maintained detailed records of her transactions. But no records of her role in making the first official American flag is available. No mention of any intent of devising a design for the national flag is available in the letters, documents or diaries of any of members of the Congressional Committee. There were 17 other reputed flag makers at that time in Philadelphia. The following is a collection of interesting facts and customs about the American The fist american flag and how it is to be displayed: Origins Old Glory The origin of the first American flag is unknown. The name Old Glory was given to a large, byfoot flag by its owner, William Driver, a sea captain from Massachusetts.

Driver was able to fly the flag over the Tennessee Statehouse once the war ended. Between and Congress passed several acts that changed the shape, design and arrangement of the flag and allowed stars and stripes to be added to reflect the admission of each new state. Francis Hopkinson, a treasurer of loans and a consultant to the second congressional committee, has a naval design from which was clearly a derivative of earlier designs. The Flag Resolution of was the first documented meeting, discussion, or debate by Congress about a national flag. It is not unusual that Ross, an upholsterer, would have been paid to sew flags.

There was a sudden and urgent need for them, and other Philadelphia upholsterers were also paid to sew flags in and years following. Supporters of the Ross story make the following arguments: Robert Morris was a business partner of John Ross, Betsy's cousin by marriage.

He also had served with George Ross on the Marine Committee. If the painting is authentic and the date correct, the story was known nearly amfrican years before Canby's presentation to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. There are at least 17 flag makers and upholsterers who worked in Philadelphia during the time the flag was made. Margaret Manny is thought to have made the first Continental Colors or Grand Union Flagbut there is no evidence to prove she also made the Stars and Stripes. According to Canby, there were other variations of the flag being made at the same time Ross was sewing the design that would carry her name.

If true, there may not be one "first" flag, but many. Among the specifics of the statutes were marking the flag, trampling the flag or talking negatively about the flag.

Also outlawed was the creation of flags that could be mistaken as aamerican official American Flag. Three more stars are added for Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma that fst included as a state in There are now 48 stars on the flag. Abraham Swartwout's blue cloth coat. A voucher is extant that Capt. Swartwout of Dutchess County was paid by Congress for his coat for the flag. Navy, featuring 13 six-pointed stars arranged in rows. In the late 18th century, the notion of a national flag did not yet exist, or was only nascent.

Flag american The fist

The flag resolution appears between other resolutions from the Marine Committee. Each regiment was to carry the national standard in addition to its regimental standard. The national standard was not a reference to the national or naval flag.

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